Arts Education

Master & Dynamic is proud to invest in the next generation of creatives.

For us, art and music are essential parts of every student’s education. Arts programming teaches students how to articulate their ideas in a communicable form, while cultivating a creativity that can be employed in any area they choose to pursue.

Since 2013, we’ve partnered with Harlem Village Academies (“HVA”) High, a public charter school in Harlem and part of the five-school HVA network, to support their arts and music education programs.

Contributions from Master & Dynamic have established HVA High’s foundational art program, offering 2D and 3D art classes within the high school, and Master & Dynamic headphones allow students to do greater independent and small group work in their music classes.

Through our products and giving, we are committed to supporting the exploration, learning and development of HVA’s students, as well as the wider creative community. For more about HVA, check out our blog piece “Supporting Young Creatives at Harlem Village Academies."


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